Nsawam Drinking Water Supply Project

(2011-11-01 - 2014-06-30)

  •  - Environmental Impact Studies


  •  - Technical Assistance:

Water audit in Nsawam in order to propose measures to reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW).
Training of GWC staff (operation of the installations and GIS).
Engineering of a new 7,400 m³/day water treatment plant.


  •  - 12 months of operation assistance during the warranty period equipment.


  •  - Design of HDPE OD 400 SDR11 pipes: 6,600m from the treatment plant to the existing treated tank.


  •  - Design of HDPE OD 315 SDR 17 pipes: 12,700m from the existing treated water tank to Pokuase in order to feed 7 new localities.